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Entry #4

new tablet...ready to start work...

2010-02-15 00:57:38 by thehambonetoons

Yeah so I got a Wacom tablet (bamboo pen) for my birthday. I guess the reason why I've got nuthin posted on here under this name and why I really don't have anything more than ideas floating around in my head is because of the time I'd have to put into them to make them...great. To make them unbelievably awesome. I wouldn't think at this point to post anything that isn't top notch by my standards. Time is what i'd have to put into them.

SO, now that I have a tool that'll make my workload that much smaller, I can finally start chuggin' these ideas out and make them a reality. Now I've just gotta get used to working with the damn thing. Thanks for reading...


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2010-02-27 09:48:18

It does take some getting used to...Doesn't it :p